The Association for the Development of Hispanic Iraqi Relations (AFHRI) is a private non profitable organization commited to the recovery of the Mesopotamia Built Heritage for all mankind.

Its origin is in the HERITAGE and DEVELOPMENT IRAQ-MESOPOTAMIA 2017.2030, a facebook group which evolved into a program created with the aim of promoting Hispanic-Iraqi agreements between Universities, Companies, Institutions, Public Administrations and citizens of both countries, in order to address the damage caused to heritage due to war and of promoting projects for the recovery of the archaeological and urban complexes of the Mesopotamian culture . 

To accomplish these objectives, AFRHI has developed an extensive network that has allowed important proposals and projects.and strengthen the actions of groups of researchers and conservationists of historic sites as well as the local teams of conservation centers and universities in the territories where these groups are located.

Actually the Madrid AFRHI Team  in collaboration with the research group of the Department of Engineering of the University of Baghdag, and the participation of the parliamentary groups of Iraq, is working on the Program Heritage and Development Mesopotamia-Iraq 2016-2030 HDMI. 

Since december the 20th 2017, the Association for the Promotion of Iraqi Hispanic Relations (AFHRI) is a registered charity in the spanish Ministry of Defense with number NCAGE 99G4B. We are working on achieving the Public Service Recognition

afrhi IS A Registered SPANISH Charity WITH mINISTRY OF DEFENCE SICAd NUMBer: ncaged 99g4b


All contents displayed on this site, but the ones with a creative common licence, belong to AFRHI. It is not allowed to use them without naming the source or written approval of AFRHI.

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