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AFRHI visits Kufa University (January 2018)

AFRHI met at Kufa University the principal professors and scholars of the Colleges of Urban Planning, Archeology and Heritage, Civil Engineering and the TICS Lab. The group of specialists shared their common interest in the preservation and conservation of the Mesopotamian Heritage.

After a meeting with the students of the urban planning college which showed their work on different war destroyed sites, architect Alvaro Planchuelo lectured on Mesopotamiam Heritage as an aid to economic and social development.

Afterwards he encouraged the young generation to look after a heritage that is the origin of civilization and expands through all periods up to the present day with examples of world importance.

Prof. Abdul Sattar Shneen Al-Janabi, Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs at the College of Archeology, University of Kufa met with Dr Hussein Alrikaby president of AFRHI and representant of the University of Alcalá de Henares in order to promote future cooperation on the fields of Architectural and Heritage Conservation

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